Type O Negative Lip Stain from Mon Ennui Cosmetics

this is cool lol

brazilian wax

haven’t had 1 in a while but I went today

& lawd….i can’t 

my poor mons pubis, that part hurts THE MOST

I can handle the outer lips, the bikini line & the booty(hurts the least)

but oh man I thought I was gonna pass out when she was doing the mons pubis

  • how to actually get away with murder: be a white cop
  • hair2mesmerize:

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who’s leaking my texts from my old phone?


    watching my niece & nephew


    No kids. They’re not being bad or anything but they keep doing ish that’ll make them hurt themselves & they don’t listen lawd !

    Sit down somewhere goodness gracious !


River Island 

    Anonymous asked:
    You're not supposed to use soap near your private parts ? I thought everyone knew that

    For the record I am aware that Dial soap is something you shouldn’t use on your genitals & I was specifically talking about the butt, not the vagina.

    I wash my booty with regular Dove soap which hasn’t caused problems for me yet. So if you want to rinse with water, that is fine.

    Anonymous asked:
    it can be weird to some people. but soaps have dyes and chemicals and your body isn't actually able to handle that as best as we think it can. it's been proven, you can google it. water cleans 100% better than any soap, which can screw up the natural bacteria in your body, especially if you have a vag and your pH level is fucked up. i thought it was weird at first too but honestly google it, it's scary how much soap on your genitals can negatively affect your body.

    I did read something about it but I just can’t see washing my booty with just water after a bowel movement LOL. I can see how washing with harsh soaps ALL THE TIME would be harmful but I just think I’ll have a itchy butt if I don’t. Plus I don’t use dial soap.

    Now the vagina, yeah thats something I grew up knowing and being aware of.


    I’m either in full makeup, individually wand curled hair, freshly waxed and shaven, and heels or I’m in no makeup, glasses, house slippers, no bra, hairy and my wig on twisted like there is no in between but I support myself in all my essence!

    This is me !! Lmaooo